2018 Men's Pennants Programme


 Men's Pennant Program

Round Number Programme Date Roll-up Time Start Time
1 Sunday 4th February  10.15am 10.30am
2 Sunday 11th February  10.15am 10.30am
3 Sunday 18th February  10.15am 10.30am
4 Sunday 25th February  10.15am 10.30am
5 Sunday 4th March  12.15pm  12.30pm
6 Sunday 11th March 12.15pm  12.30pm 
7 Sunday 18th March 12.15pm  12.30pm 
8 Sunday 25th March 12.15pm  12.30pm 
9 Sunday 8th April 12.15pm  12.30pm 
10 Sunday 15th April 12.15pm  12.30pm 
Semi-Final Saturday 21nd April    
Prelim-Final Sunday 22rd April    
Grand Final Saturday 28th April    




 Selection Philosophy:

Tuggeranong Vikings Lawn Bowls Club (TVLBC) aims to provide a competitive and cohesive team atmosphere for club members to participate in the Bowls ACT (BACT) annual men's pennants competition.


The aim of the TVLBC pennants teams is to win a pennant in each of the grades it competes in.

 Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee is responsible for selecting TVLBC pennant teams that will give the best chance of achieving maximum results. Committee members must be independent and unbiased, which is fundamental to the notion of fairness, endeavouring to ensure the entire process is fair, transparent and accountable.

In the event players become unavailable after selection replacement players will be decided upon by the Selection Committee. Injured or unfit players will be replaced as necessary.

The Selection Committee will seek to identify non-playing managers for each grade; however, players will need to take on this responsibility if non-playing managers cannot be identified.

The Selection Committee meetings are to be treated as confidential, and all selectors must accept mutual responsibility for decisions.

 Selection Criteria:

 Level of ability:

  • Consistency of performance;
  • Attitude, commitment and availability;
  • Keeping winning teams together, wherever possible;
  • Player ratings (if used);
  • Attendance at team training (if conducted);
  • Compatibility with other team members (it is acknowledged that this will from time to time require valuing compatibility above individual prowess);
  • Team position skills;
  • Demonstrated team spirit;
  • Adapting to a selected position and grade for team balance;
  • Ability to handle any weather and greens conditions;
  • Level of improvement;
  • Any other criteria deemed appropriate for selection.

Player Requirements: 

  • Be financial members of TVLBC;
  • Accept the selection process, but can discuss/appeal non-selection or relegation with the Selection Committee;
  • Commit to playing the season and to supporting their team and TVLBC;
  • Playing the shot called by the skip despite having another view of the shot to play;
  • Be aware of, and comply with, TVLBC's Code of Conduct;
  • Comply with the BACT and TVLBC uniform policy;
  • Comply with relevant ACT and individual club smoking laws;
  • Minimise the consumption of alcohol during the game.


All players are expected to commit to at least 80% of all games from the beginning of the season, and the entire finals series. Any exceptional circumstances preventing this participation rate should be duscussed with selectors as soon as possible.Players should record their unavailability in the 'Unavailability Book' as soon as they become aware of it. It should be noted that when a player is unavailable to play he will not automatically be re-selected in the same team or grade, particularly if the replacement player's retention is warranted.


Compliance with the TVLBC Code of Conduct when representing the club during pennants is a requirement under its Constitution. Any actions or conduct which may bring TVLBC into disrepute may result in suspension from the Vikings Group, TVLBC and/or representing TVLBC in any competition, including pennants.

Appeal Process:

In order to apply natural justice players are able to appeal the selection process, in person, to at least three members of the Selection Committee and one member of the TVLBC Executive. This should be organised through the Selection Committee Chairman as soon as the player decides to appeal a selection decision, but normally within 24 hours of the teams being promulgated.